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Centurion Card Loses Continental/United Gold Elite Status

Effective September 30th 2011 Continental is ending it’s relationship and multiple benefits with American Express.

  • Centurion card members lose Gold Elite status with Continental (currently Centurion cardholders receive automatic Gold Elite status)
  • American Express cardholders can no longer able to transfer AMEX Membership Rewards to Continental Onepass Miles

American Express PR commented that: “Despite our best efforts, we were unable to reach an agreement with Continental to continue these benefits beyond September 30, 2011,” said Lynne Biggar, senior vice president for American Express’ Membership Rewards program. In attempt to soften the blow of the relationship American Express announced somewhat trivial benefits for Platinum and Centurion cardholders, namely a $200 airline fee credit.

It is quite possible the loss of the Continental benefits will not be replaced for past Centurion cardholders; Years ago Centurion card holders were given Starwood Platinum status and “replaced” with an equivalent benefit. If AMEX does not produce a replacement benefit to Continental status on their Centurion card, they should expect to lose a chunk of cardholders who leverage the cards $2500/year fee for travel benefits, namely elevated airline status.

Full Press Release Here

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Funny American Express Black Card Video

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AMEX Centurion Card Back To Invitation Only

American Express has flipped the Centurion Card back to being invitation only. Originally the card was launched as invitation only as was the platinum card, as of a few weeks ago American Express has now changed the Centurion Card back to invitation only regardless of spend.

Centurion New Accounts

Sat 10AM-6PM EST

There’s a discussion over at Flyertalk on this as well.

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Luxury Plastic: Plastic Surgeon or Credit Card?

Phillips notes that Dr. Grover is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Stanford-trained, and a member of several elite surgical societies. “For our Breast Augmentation surgeons on Breast Implants USA, we require Board Certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). Through rigorous training and strict educational requirements, ABPS Certification signifies a highly-trained and skilled plastic surgeon.”

“That,” concludes Phillips, “combined with his personal style and work ethic, makes Dr. Grover a natural choice for Visa Black Card.”

Features of the Visa Black Card include 24-hour concierge service, luxury gifts and an exclusive rewards program. The limited availability of the Black Card is designed to ensure the highest caliber of personal service for card members.

More information about the Visa Black card can be found on the Black Card website, including a link to the national television ad featuring Dr. Grover.Sanj

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Interview with Luxury Credit Card Maven (AMEX/Visa/MC)

We conducted an interview with one of our readers who happens to hold the American Express Centurion Card, Visa Signature Card, as well as MasterCard World Elite. We thank the reader much for their anonymous support, read on!

What do you consider a luxury or premium credit card?

A premium card would be anything that necessitates a particular financial situation to be approved. This can be total account relationship (Dollar Account) with a bank, level of income, total spend, etc.

Obviously for anything to be premium or luxury it must also contain additional benefits that are out of the ordinary for other credit cards of that type or by that issuer.

What luxury credit cards do you currently use?

  • AMEX Centurion
  • AMEX Platinum
  • Visa Signature
  • MasterCard World

Which card is your favorite?

Tough call

  • As luxury and premium goes, the AMEX Centurion beats any other card hands down.
  • Value for Money, I would suggest AMEX Platinum, as it gives many of the benefits (Such as a premium protection, concierge, lounge access, etc) For a relatively affordable price. Simply joining one of the airlines’ lounge programs already is the price of the AMEX Platinum – and anyone who qualifies for it would be ill-advised to join an airline lounge for that reason alone.

Why do you find best about the card?

Number one has to be the reciprocal arrangements with airlines and hotels to provide elite status in their programs.

Second place is the personal service (no waiting on hold, or being allocated random administrators overseas) and personal concierge.

Third place is the occasional bonus and promotional offers with co-marketing partners such as freebies from stores, hotels, and high-end brands.

I would not count the “recognition” of a black card as a benefit. Your own attitude and personal-skills do more than a piece of metal clanging arrogantly on a counter.

What are benefits do you find are best (points, miles, gifts, privileged access to events, etc)?

Points and miles are surely a benefit, though I haven’t used nearly as much as I earn. I have hundreds of thousands of points in all kinds of programs and earn them quicker than I can (or want to) use them.

Privileged access to events is a very nice benefit – Although in the current economy these events have been significantly scaled down in quantity and quality. Marketing-partners simply aren’t as active in wooing what are perceived to be “Elite potential clients.”

Who do you think has generally the best points program?

The best points program is AMEX in general, and the SPG AMEX in particular.


Every dollar charged is at least one point. One point is transferable to a wide range of airlines at a rate of 1.25 miles per points, which means that a business class ticket to europe can be had for no more than 80k points.

Also, the redemption rates with Starwood brand hotels are second to none, as long as you accumulate 1 point per dollar, which is only available on that card. Stays at their hotels earn much more.

How about rewards and trips program?

Not sure of the difference.

How do some of the luxury credit card concierge programs stack up eg. Virtuouso vs Centurion (Circle Associates)?

Circles is normally mentioned as being a superior company. I can’t comment more accurately regarding Virtuoso as I haven’t recently used them.

I can say that VIP desk (Which is that Visa Black uses) is traditionally trashed as being very inferior to all other concierge outfits. Again, this is based on hundreds of other personal-accounts rather than my own. I wouldn’t be daft enough to get a Visa Black myself.

What are your thoughts on the various programs eg. Visa Signature vs MasterCard World Elite vs American Express Centurion?

Here it is really applies to oranges.

The apple is AMEX Centurion

The oranges are Visa Signature and MC World / World Elite.

The former has a particularly high annual fee, as well as an even higher application fee and restrictive qualification criteria. The later are usually available for free, if you qualify.

MC World Elite, to my knowledge is only currently offered through two partners: Saks and Ameriprise.  Although this is marketed as the most premium product offered by MC, its benefits are much more thin than the AMEX centurion (or even platinum):

  • No airline elite nor lounge partners (a priority pass card is offered, which costs $27 per guest per visit, after the first few “introductory” uses – AMEX is free and totally unlimited).
  • Very thin hotel partners (800 worldwide in total) with less benefits than the usual AMEX fine hotels and resorts program available to platinum members for free as well.  In order to receive “an additional amenity” at the hotels, you must book and pay for a suite (with AMEX you can book any room you like, as basic as possible).
  • Ridiculous car rental “elite” privileges: namely “free membership in emerald club” from national.  Nothing else.  Anyone can join emerald club for free without being “special” at all.

Since AMEX controls both sides, bank and card, do you find they have an advantage?

Arguable about what you would consider controlling both sides. Very few people “bank” with AMEX (their bank is called centurion bank – no connection to the black card) and AMEX also is offered (under license) by most unaffiliated banks.

If you refer to those cards issued directly from and managed by AMEX – then they may even have a disadvantage since almost nobody has an actual banking relationship with them.  Therefore, you hear more nightmare stories about credit limits, declines, and cancellations from them – as they cannot gauge a complete profile of a customer, not having access to their bank balance information, earning and direct deposits, and other relationship history.  When was the last time you met an account manager at AMEX?  Now when was the last time you met a manager at your own bank (which issues all types of credit cards)?

What benefit would you love for American Express to bring back to the Centurion card (Everyone typically wants SPG Platinum)?

Yes, everyone typically laments the loss of SPG Platinum.  People forget the loss of Hyatt Diamond as well.

Currently, the only “Elite Membership” offered is Gold SPG, Gold Hilton, and Platinum Holiday Inn = all of those can be obtained for free, with zero hotel stays, simply by having and using their own co-branded credit cards.

I would love for AMEX to bring back any type of hotel elite status that actually cannot just be obtained for free with no stays at all – otherwise the hotel chain doesn’t really treat you as a particular VIP since there are so many thousands of these Gold status members floating around who aren’t even loyal at all to the hotel chain.
SPG Platinum is one; Hyatt Diamond is another, Intercontinental Royal Ambassador is another.

Also – bring in at least one airline partner with a top level elite tier.  No need to have several mid-tier partners within the same alliance (like Delta and Continental) and none in another (like Oneworld).  Delta now has 4 tiers, and Centurion (so far) only gives you the 2nd level up, not even the 3rd…

Do you think AMEX should raise the requirements beyond 250k?

The “requirements” have been diluted by allowing business spend to count towards the threshold.  Three or four years ago, there were only 14,000 members; today there are 27,000 and rising.  The introduction of the $5,000 initiation fee prevented that from being 50,000 or more, but currently you can obtain a centurion simply as an employee of a company which has very mediocre monthly expenses paid on a business card.  How many new cardholders have declined such freebies as $500 towards a purchase of $1000 or more in a retail partner – since they would never afford to even spend the extra $500 there?

There are 20 something year old kids who play PayPal games (of charging their AMEX card to pay themselves back) just to get a centurion card, or who charge the monthly advertising expenses for the company they work for (as a simple midlevel project coordinator) and get a black card?  It’s becoming diluted somewhat – which, in my opinion, prevents AMEX from offering better elite benefits or removing old ones.

One idea would be to leave the 250k as it is, but only for personal cards.  Business cards should be 500k.  And you cannot switch between a business and a personal.

Would you pay more annual fees for some really awesome benefits (I think we all might)?

Very very hard to say.  I believe that almost nobody takes advantage of every single one of the benefits that centurion offers.  If you did, you would qualify for elite status independently.

In that case, to raise the fees would alienate the existing ranks, who are the original vip customers to begin with.  We would all like to see awesome benefits, but not to pay more than $2,500 which in this economy is excessive to begin with.

A solution would be to offer new, really “awesome” benefits but you select which ones you want.  For example, the highest tier airline status offered in a choice of 4 partners – of which you choose 1 and 2nd tier in 2 more.  That way AMEX keeps their expenses to a reasonable level, members get higher benefits in items which help them, and people don’t end up paying for what they don’t need.

Which banks do you think offer the best programs?

Bank of America, Citibank, Chase and Wells Fargo all have attractive programs for private banking customers – which are their elite/premium accounts.  They are each good for their own.

Do you have a great experience where a luxury card has really made a difference?

A week before Christmas, I tried booking a table at a Manhattan restaurant for that same evening but was told that they were booked with holiday reservations until the end of December.  The restaurant was not a participant in any special AMEX or visa signature “hot tables” program, so I did not think to waste time booking through a concierge.

I spoke to the manager, explained that I was a good customer, and did not want a large table or group reservation – just 2 couples.  Nothing could be done to “squeeze me in” that day, nor even later that week.

One call to Centurion, asking for help to find any available time that evening or even for the rest of the week – and the concierge asked “can I place you on hold while I check with the restaurant?”.
60 seconds later, the concierge comes back on the line and says “what time and day do you want a booking for 4?  Pick what you like”.  I said “I would love today in 2 hours – but I will take anything at all they can squeeze in, at any time”.  Another 60 seconds on hold and I am told “everything is set for today in 2 hours, is there anything else i can help you with?”.

Amazingly, when i arrived at the restaurant, there was a line out the door, people were waiting more than 30 minutes for their pre-reserved tables to be available.  One person was even arguing about the fact that there seemed to be a clean table in the center which was empty – they were told “it is not a table in use today”.  I then asked about my own party of 4 and that i also had a reservation, and was told “it will be a bit of a wait, we are very busy today, can i have your name?”  one glance at the list, and “right this way sir” to that elusive empty table (much to the annoyed, or impressed, glances of the other waiting people)…

I still have no idea what the concierge said, or to whom it was said – but I was thoroughly impressed.

I’m sure you have a few bad experiences to share?

Yes there are, and some are better left unshared…

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JP Morgan Launches “Chase Sapphire”

JP Morgan Chase Sapphire Credit CardIn the increasingly competitive luxury credit card space, JP Morgan Chase (largest US credit card lender) has just launched the Chase “Sapphire” card targeted at affluent Americans (households with incomes exceeding 120,000/year). The card is available as a Visa or MasterCard, and there is no pre-set spending limit, and the card includes a typical points/rewards program. Presented as tailored to customer need, Gordon Smith CEO of Chase’s card division noted on an August 17th interview “If we cannibalize ourselves and move customers from one product to another, but we capture more of their business, then we’re absolutely fine with that.” It is, however, completely logical that Visa and MasterCard seek this market segment because it is the most profitable, and biggest growth area for them.

The net of it is that the American Express vs Visa/MasterCard debate has remained the same since the 1990s.

  • American Express notes that their cardmembers spend on average 3.5x more than Visa and 4.5x more than MasterCard cardholders.
  • Visa and MasterCard tout their worldwide and in the US acceptance at 8 million locations, vs 4.6 million American Express.

Kenneth Chenault noted ““Despite all the claims by Visa and MasterCard about success in the affluent segment, where it really counts — in the results — they haven’t moved the dial at all.”

The new Chase Sapphire Preferred Includes (in addition to standard benefits):

  • 25% Travel Bonus (Points are worth 25% more when booking travel)
  • Annual Point Bonus (10,000 point bonus for spend exceeding 50,000)
  • 1:1 Point Transfer to Airline/Hotel Programs
  • Enhanced Identity Protection (Additional 2k insurance coverage 5k total coverage)
  • No fee first year, $95/year thereafter (Chase Sapphire non preferred has no annual fee)

Chase Sapphire Includes:

  • Ultimate Rewards Points Program (1:1 dollar/point accumulation)
  • Double Points on Airfare via Chase Travel Booking Tool
  • Retail Gift Cards Starting at 2,500 points
  • No Blackout Dates or Travel Restrictions, Most Major Airlines
  • Pay with Points or Credit or Both
  • Trip Cancellation Insurance
  • Sapphire Preferred Exclusive Experiences (VIP Passes to American Idol, Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, Fashion Week, etc).
  • Zagat Review Access for Restaurant Reviews
  • Exchange Points for Cash
  • Chase Global LifeLine (Emergency Travel Assistance, Card Replacement, Medical Assistance, etc).
  • 24/7 Concierge
  • Online Account Management
  • Travel Accident Insurance
  • Travel & Baggage Delay Insurance
  • Lost Luggage Insurance
  • Roadside Dispatch (Referral towing/locksmith services)
  • Auto Rental Collision Damage Coverage
  • Identity Protection (Insurance, 3 months of monitoring services, protection from unauthorized purchases)
  • Purchase/Return Protection (90 day replacement)
  • Extended Warranty Protection (up to 1 year)

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Radio DJ Confuses Visa Black Card with Centurion Card

Anyone else embarrassed for this Radio DJ PK? Although, in general, perception is reality. Let’s say that PK (Radio DJ) either knows and is just playing along for an interesting show, or he doesn’t know and may not even care that the cards are, uh, different.

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American Express Red

The American Express Red is an American Express credit card which has been launched for the first time in the United Kingdom in March 2006. Applicants must be UK residents. It is part of the Product Red initiative. The principle of the card is that every time money is spent with it, 1% of the amount is sent to a fund called Global Fund, created in 2002 to fight against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. When the yearly spending amount exceeds £5000 a year, this percentage is increased to 1.25%.

In the UK, the card is advertised by spokespersons such as Bono, Gisele Bündchen and Elle Macpherson.

Red American Express is mentioned in the 2007 song “The Way I Are” by Timbaland ft. Keri Hilson.

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Wikipedia’s Black Card Disambiguation

Wikipedia has created a disambiguation page to resolve confusion and ambiguity pertaining to the definition “Black Card”. It is possible that the more “Black Cards” exist, the less the term has meaning, similar to what happened to “Platinum Cards” years ago. What do you think, does it matter what color your credit card is, or is it really about the benefits?


To refresh you, I’ve included the definition for disambiguate –

dis-am-big-u-ate / Pronunciation [dis-am-big-yoo-eyt]
–verb (used with object), -at-ed, -at-ing.
to remove the ambiguity from; make unambiguous: In order to disambiguate the sentence “She lectured on the famous passenger ship,” you’ll have to write either “lectured on board” or “lectured about.”

Black card (disambiguation)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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The term black card could refer to:
* American Express’s Centurion Card wikipedia page here
* Barclays’s Black Card VISA credit card (no wikipedia page, the editors nixed it)
* the black penalty card issued for serious misconduct in the sport of fencing

This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article.

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Black Is The New Platinum

Back in early 2000s, the number of “platinum” credit cards had doubled in a short period, reaching 100 million total since the late 1990s according to the Nilson Report ( The end result for Platinum credit cards? They still exist but if you think about it, they have no real meaning anymore, at least not culturally. To make it now there are “titanium cards” that aren’t actually titanium, rather “titanium colored plastic.”

Brilliance in marketing maybe, but the same fate will likely come to fruition for the Black Cards that are out there today. The more that exists on what the card actually is, the more common consumers will confuse what a Black Card actually is, with meaningless black cards such as “secured black cards” that are far from elite, or even worse (black card kits), and eventually, it will all mean nothing, least so far as status is concerned.

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Visa’s New TV Campaign Similar to American Express – My Life My Card

The Visa Black Card team has a new TV Ad campaign that’s very similar to the American Express Campaign run a few years ago called “My Life, My Card;” The Visa TV Ad spot seeks to identify the various demographics of individuals the card applies to as well as the benefits for those individuals. The difference is, as far as the true Black Card aka Centurion Card is concerned, it’s not advertised American Express (they don’t need to).

The captions of Visas Commercial are:

Bryan Iguchi – Pro Snowboarder
“No blackouts, no restrictions, the rewards program, takes more places”
Joy Lewis – Physician
“Limited membership, means a higher level of service”
Bob Schuster – Attorney
“My Concierge gets me into the best spots”
Kim Whitman – Executive Producer
“I like the look and feel of carbon, it’s unique”

To Apply for your Visa Black Card Now, visit or call 866-BLACK CARD
Black Card, The World Awaits

Remind anyone of these American Express TV Ads?

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Graphite Platinum AMEX Implies “Switch and Bait” by Visa

Artist Adam McEwen recently created two sculptures for his exhibit “Switch and Bait” in New York, both sculptures were made from “machined graphite.” Graphite, like its allotrope diamond, is a form of carbon. One of his two exhibits is an American Express Platinum Card created from Graphite. Art is in the eye of the beholder, but to us it seems that he is implying that the Visa Black Card is pulling a “Switch and Bait” and ripping off American Express Platinum Card (which the Visa Black Card more accurately compares to).

adammcewenswitchandbait1_amex_platinum_graphiteIf you’re in NY, exhibit is held @

Switch and Bait
Through 18 April 2009
Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery
520 West 20th Street
Chelsea, New York City map
tel. +1 212 243 3335

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AMEX Credit Card Was Originally Purple Paper Not Black Titanium

American Express 1958 Original Card Purple PaperPaper, Plastic, Titanium, and Carbon Graphite?

Credit cards had existed prior to American Express, namely Diners Club (which was actually a paper or cardboard card that was in circulation).

The first AMEX credit card was actually introduced October 1, 1958 – American Express introduced travel-and-entertainment charge card (The original card was actually paper printed with purple ink to resemble Travelers Cheques)

The first plastic American Express appeared in the early 1960s, while their adoption had become increased as vendors found traditional AMEX booklets too difficult to manage. It was because of this that well received the new plastic cards, which used charge plate machines, thereby making transaction and record keeping easier and less error prone.

American Express AMEX First Plastic Card from 1960s

Plastic cards became dominant and remained the main player, however, it was not until 1966 that the common credit card came to, when Bank of America established BankAmerica Service Corporation to franchise the BankAmericard which then became known as “Visa“, still not black). Mastercard, originally Mastercharge, came to be in 1966 in addition, where both Visa and Mastercard credit cards were open-loop (inter-bank), and American Express was closed-loop (intrabank).

American Express took the lead again in 2004 in some parts of Europe, and in 2006 in the United States by changing their elusive BLACK CARD (formally known as the Centurion Card), to a hand crafted titanium card to replace it’s plastic ancestor. Times as changed, this isn’t your grandfather’s “purple cardboard,” although American Express Charter Members (Members since 1958) do get some special privileges.

American Express Centurion Card2008 of course brought the “Visa Black Card“, made from Carbon Fiber. The Wikipedia editors, however, did neglect to include credit cards in applications of carbon fiber (we’re kidding): “The properties of carbon fiber such as high tensile strength, low weight, and low thermal expansion make it very popular in aerospace, civil engineering, military, and motorsports, along with other competition sports.”

We’ll stick with black hand hammered titanium for now, someone update Wikipedia.

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Chinese Artst Makes Sculptures Using Black Card

Mao Zedong, standing on a box of Dom Perignon, with the American Express Black Card/Centurion Card in his hand. As a strong status symbol in popular culture it is not surprising that the Black Card is emerging in Art work.


“Getting Rich is Glorious”
Deng Xiaoping

About the Artist:  R. Lloyd Ming
R. Lloyd Ming uses photography, video art, installation and sculpture to ask hard questions about society. He is inspired by artists who use found or readymade objects to create their work and Ming typically also works in this way. Notable influences are Marcel Duchamp, Subodh Gupta, Ai Weiwei, Fred Wilson, Haim Steinbeck, Joseph Cornell, Louise Nevelson and Felix Gonzalez-Torres. Ming is particularly influenced by the work of American artist Robert Rauschenberg. Throughout his career Rauschenberg used objects he found on the street to make sculptures he called combines.

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The Black Card Era: Visa, AMEX, and many more

Rapper Clipse tells us, we are in indeed in the Black Card Era. The “black card“, urban legend turned reality in 1999 may finally be exhausting it’s life as everyone in the world can now have a black card. As NBA stars like DeShaw Stevenson would remind you, as would Visa, the Black Card “is not for everyone“, as would WIZKID Productions “Black Affair” for Mid-night Ballers.

DeShawn Stevenson Black CardWizkid Black Card

But that hasn’t stopped everyone from capitalizing on the “Black Card“, for example, if you want to go to a club that caters to the”Black Card” crowd, and is VIP only (Arizona’s Black Card Ultralounge pictured below, has now closed)


The Black Card PartyBlack Card Thursdays At FR.OG

There is of course a social club that has established itself as the “Black Card Circle“:

Black Card Circle is the Premier Communication Platform and Relationship Building Organization for Influential Individuals Worldwide.

Black Card Circle Logo

Or if you want to listen to some tracks from the Ali Vegas released a mixtape titled “Black Card Council – Unlimited Street Credit.” that are cater to the sophistication that “Black Card” members so often discern, you can.

Black Card Council

There is the “NatWest Black Card” which is prestigious in the UK, and requires you are over 25 with £75,000 or greater (sorry Harrison Gervitz).


Andy Warhol said in 1968 that “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”

…and the black card brings people that bit of fame. For now, you’ll have to stick to one of the above, or you can get the latest new comer to the black card market, the “Visa Black Card“.

Visa Black Card

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According to Urban Dictionary’s BRP 10/3/2005

The Black Card is (according to the Urban Dictionary):

A highly regarded, exclusive American Express Card issued by “invitation only” to current AmEx holders with high incomes and A+ credit. This card entitles its holders to VIP access, upgraded flights, event tickets, and special treatment at department stores and such. A $2500 fee is payed by each of its card holders annually. Also known as a “Centurion” card.
“I’m sorry Sir, tickets are sold out”
::man pulls out black card::
“I’m sorry Sir, how does front row and backstage access sound?”

I’m under 21 with a Black Card” -Bow Wow

Did we think anything otherwise?

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AmEx Offers $300 for Risky Cardholders to Leave

American Express announced late February that they are offering $300 payments to a limited number of cardholders who agree to close their accounts; The new direct mail program, offers prepaid American Express gift cards valued at $300 for those that enroll and pay off their account in two months. AMEX said that the program is targeted at reducing the risk of future defaults. Gail Hillebrand from the Consumers Union says that the deal is positive in that it is allowing consumers a choice, and told NPR that “We’re seeing all kinds of cutbacks and harsher terms”, and that the deals are “designed to respond to the fact that the credit card industry pushed out too much debt to American consumers and too much credit availability, and now they’re trying to pull it back all at once”.

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Credit Laws Change Against Unfair and Deceptive Credit Card Practices

Steps have been taken by the Federal Reserve, the Office of Thrift Supervision, and the National Credit Union Administration to change behaviors and practices by Credit Card companies by July 1, 2010;

The net result will prohibit:

  • Raising interest rates on existing balances unless payments are greater than 30 days late
  • Charging Late Fees if borrower has not been given at least 21 days to pay
  • Applying payments in a way that results in higher interest rates getting paid last
Banks and Credit Card Companies in this $970 Billion Dollar industry exclaim that this will result in higher interest rates and fees for the sub prime credit market, however, consumers welcome the changes in practices. The changes come in line with the latest Fitch Retail Credit Index, showing current 60-day deliquencies increasing by nearly 24% from August to 4.8%. This may make those luxury credit card consumers even more attractive to credit card companies, as they have less leeway to charge the sub prime credit borrowers going forward.

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Visa Black Card and American Express Centurion – No Comparison

The more information that is gathered about the new Visa Black Card, the more it seems that the card is not as high end as the American Express Centurion card. So the whole theory of, you get what you pay for ($495/year vs $2500/year) holds true. Here’s some photos our reader sent in showing the card side by side to the Centurion Card, our reader tells us card itself feels like a normal credit card — nothing special. You can check out our review/unboxing page for more photos, and our comparison chart for card benefits comparison. American Express doesn’t have an online application for their Black Card, but Visa allows you to apply directly for the card here



Posted in General, Visa Black Card2 Comments Exclusive Visa Black Card TV AD

The TV ad is also posted on Barclay’s official Visa Black Card Site.

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