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Centurion adds Centurion Lounges at Various Airports

The Centurion team has been had at work to add new/supplemental benefits to replace, the once (premium benefits of the card), namely automatic airline status.

As a result in starting in 2014, and moving into 2015, American Express has begun to open “Centurion Lounges” as various Airport locations throughout the US.

Centurion Lounges Existing & Planned:


  • Las Vegas


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AMEX Wins Cancellation of BLACKCARD Trademark Registration

AMEX Wins Cancellation of BLACKCARD Trademark Registration

American Express (“Amex”), the issuer of the ultra-exclusive “Centurion Card” credit card (which is black in color and thus better known among the public as the “Black Card” — pictured above), won a victory in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York against Black Card, LLC (“BC”), a company that obtained a trademark registration for the mark BLACKCARD (for credit and debit card services). The Court granted summary judgment in favor of Amex on its claim that BC’s trademark registration for BLACKCARD should be canceled on the grounds that it is merely descriptive and BC had not demonstrated acquired distinctiveness. See American Express Marketing and Development Corp, et al. v. Black Card, LLC, 2011 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 133151 (S.D.N.Y. November 17, 2011)

In 1998, Amex, following its long history of color-based credit cards reflecting a hierarchy of credit card prestige (i.e., green, gold, platinum), developed a black colored credit card which it called the Centurion Card and which was available by invitation only. While Amex never formally refers to the Centurion Card as the “Black Card,” Amex executives recognized that the public referred to its Centurion Card as the “Black Card” and thus often informally referred to the card as Amex’s “black card.” While Amex applied to register BLACK FROM AMERICAN EXPRESS, it never filed a Statement of Use and the application went abandoned.

(The other “Black Card”)

In 2008, BC began issuing its own card (in connection with Barclays Bank Delaware and Visa) which was black in color and which had the words “BLACK CARD” emblazoned theron (pictured above). BC’s CEO Scott Blum, who founded Internet retailer and who was a Centurion cardholder since Amex first introduced the card, began developing his black-colored premium credit card back in 2005 when he was CEO of Internet company called Yub, Inc. Blum, apparently frustrated with Amex’s Centurion services, sought to build a “better Black Card.” Yub applied for the BLACKCARD on September 20, 2005. The mark was published for opposition in May 2006 and, when no oppositions were filed, the PTO issued a Notice of Allowance in 2006. Yub later assigned all of its rights to the as-yet-unregistered mark to BC. [Query: Was this assignment of an intent-to-use application even valid under 15 U.S.C. § 1060? – see actual recorded assignment]

BC (and its predecessor) filed thirteen applications total between 2005 and 2009 for various BLACK CARD marks. Some were refused on the grounds that the mark was merely descriptive; in others, Examining Attorneys requested information from BC about whether consumers would associate the mark with a different provider of credit card services. Nonetheless, the PTO did issue the aforementioned trademark registration on April 29, 2009. However, for reasons not entirely clear, even though BC’s attorney had filed a preliminary amendment which inserted a disclaimer of the term BLACK apart from the mark as shown, the registration certificate did not reflect the disclaimer when it issued.

On May 13, 2009, Amex filed a petition to cancel with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. See American Express Marketing & Development Corp. et al v. Black Card, LLC, Cancellation No. 92050968 (TTAB). On February 16, 2010, BC filed an action in Wyoming that sought a declaratory judgment regarding Amex’s rights to “Black Card” as well as other trademark and unfair competition claims. On February 26, 2010, Amex filed the instant action in New York District Court alleging its own trademark and unfair competition claims as well as seeking to cancel BC’s registration under §2(e) of the Lanham Act. The TTAB’s proceeding was suspended on May 7, 2010, pending the outcome of the lawsuits. Moreover, Amex was able to get BC’s Wyoming complaint dismissed as an anticipatory filing. BC later refiled its counterclaims in the New York action. The parties later stipulated to have Amex’s claims for monetary damages and BC’s federal and state trademark infringement and unfair competition claims dismissed with prejudice. Upon close of discovery, the parties filed cross motions for summary judgment, with Amex moving for partial summary judgment on its §2(e) cancellation claim.

The court’s decision goes into a lengthy (but informative) discussion of its power to determine the right to registration of a mark, the standard for refusing registration of marks which are “merely descriptive” when used on or in connection with the goods/services of the applicant, the spectrum of distinctiveness with respect to protection of a mark (i.e., generic, descriptive, suggestive, arbitrary, and fanciful), and the rebuttable presumption which arises a mark that is registered by the PTO.

Regarding the rebuttable presumption, the court stated:

When the PTO issues a certificate of registration for a mark, a rebuttable presumption arises that the mark is protectable. Papercutter, 900 F.2d at 562-63. “Registration by the PTO without proof of secondary meaning creates the presumption that the mark is more than merely descriptive, and, thus, that the mark is inherently distinctive.” Lane Capital, 192 F.3d at 345. The fact of registration, however, “shall not preclude another person from proving any legal or equitable defense or defect . . . which might have been asserted if such mark had not been registered.” 15 U.S.C. § 1115(a). The party challenging the registration “bears the burden to rebut the presumption of [the] mark’s protectability by a preponderance of the evidence.” Lane Capital, 192 F.3d at 345. “The presumption may be rebutted by a showing that the mark is descriptive, not suggestive.” Papercutter, 900 F.2d at 563.

The presumption, in short, is a “procedural advantage” to the registrant and nothing else. Lane Capital, 192 F.3d at 345. It is not “itself evidence of how the public actually views the mark.” Id. “The presumption of validity that federal registration confers evaporates as soon as evidence of invalidity is presented. Its only function is to incite such evidence, and when the function has been performed the presumption drops out of the case.” Id. (citation omitted).

So while the court gave BC’s BLACKCARD registration its appropriate rebuttable presumption of protectability by virtue of its 2009 PTO registration, the court found that Amex had demonstrated by a preponderance of the evidence that the mark is descriptive was descriptive, and thus not protectable absent secondary meaning. The court also found that “No reasonable factfinder could find that a prospective consumer would consider the mark to be suggestive rather than descriptive.” The court first noted that BC’s mark BLACKCARD appears on a black-colored credit card. “As with other credit cards, it enables its holders to make purchases on credit. The black color of the card is an essential feature or characteristic of the card. BC’s advertising emphasizes the color, underscoring this point.” The court further noted that the word BLACK is descriptive in a second sense within the credit card industry:

Within the credit card industry, the word “black” is descriptive in a second sense as well. Largely through the efforts of Amex, the word “black”, when used in connection with credit cards is understood to describe access to premium credit card services. Indeed, this was the very reason that Blum chose the mark “BLACKCARD” for his credit card. The term “BLACKCARD” immediately calls to mind an important aspect or characteristic of the product and describes the product’s principal features and qualities. It is, in essence, communicating the grade of credit card offered by BC. The black-colored credit card marketed by BC is central enough to the overall product, however defined, to render “BLACKCARD” a descriptive mark.

Finally, following its determination that BC’s mark was descriptive, the court further found that BC had offerred no evidence of secondary meaning accruing to the mark BLACKCARD in order to support an argument of acquired distinctiveness.

BC attempted to argue that Amex lacked standing to seek to cancel BC’s mark, but the court rejected such arguments finding that Amex had “a significant, concrete, and real interest in proceedings to challenge the registration” based on its own use of the term “black card” in communications to prospective customers about the Centurion card (and noting that BC sued Amex for infringement).

BC also attempted to argue that its mark is not descriptive, but instead is suggestive of high-end financial services (citing cases where the color RED was held to be a protectable mark in connection with perfume and scotch whiskey). However, with respect to the Red Label mark on scotch whiskey, the mark did not serve as a grade designation; and with respect to RED on perfume, such reference suggested romance and passion to the prospective purchasers. In the instance case, the court found that BLACKCARD “merely describes the color of the card and the category of credit card services into which BC’s card falls.”

As such, the court granted ary judgment for Amex on its cancellation claim under § 2(e) of the Lanham Act.

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All Merrill+ Visa Cardholders Upgraded to Visa Signature

Any longtime holders of the Merrill+ Visa card, were stuck without “Visa Signature” status until recently; Now, all Merill+ cardholders will be upgraded to Visa Signature status without re-applying for a new account, more details on Visa Signature status below.

Visa Signature Status includes benefits such as:

  • No pre-set spending limit
  • Sports tickets and special access
  • VIP access to Film Screenings, Movies, Broadway Shows
  • Travel savings and upgrades at some of the world’s finest resorts and spas.
  • Fine Wine and Food including free Zagat survey access, and invitation only experiences.

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American Express raising Centurion Requirement To 500k?

American Express Centurion CardSomeone recently updated Wikipedia with info that as of August 1, 2009, American Express will require a minimum of 250,000 500,000 USD within a 12 month period to qualify for the Centurion Card; I’ve called AMEX to verify this in the past, and they have said it is not the case, although maybe they just are not divulging a change? It definitely makes sense, 250k is not want it used to be.

Anyone have more detail on this? Guess we will find out this week on 8/1. Still $250,000, for now.

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Royal Pains TV Pilot – Black Cards in the Hamptons

I was out in the Hamptons this past weekend and saw the van for Royal Pains out and about. If you haven’t seen it already USA has a new series that starts this Thursday at 10PM EST titled Royal Pains. Royal Pains is about a doctor “Hank Lawson” (played by Marc Feuerstein) who was fired from his position and against his judgment becomes a “concierge doctor” for the rich.

In the show pilot, the writers wasted no time on black card references, the son of the heir to family that invented the blender (Tucker Bryant) wrecks his Dad’s Ferrari and is injured. After some emergency care, Tucker needs transport to a hospital, “[Tucker Bryant] The Hamptons heritage no way man, Dad calls it the local cemetery. [Hank Lawson] What would your Dad suggest we do? [Tucker Bryant] Go into my wallet and get the little black card that says American Express on it.” Tucker is then taken by helicopter to Mount Sinai in Manhattan. You can watch the full pilot for Royal Pains on Hulu

Royal Pains Emergency Tucker Bryant Black Card

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American Express Black Card (Centurion Card) Unboxing Video

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American Express Centurion Card Song

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Centurion Card Video from In Debt We Trust – Documentary

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Centurion Card Requirements

American Express Black Card / Centurion Card Requirements


Many rumors and poor facts exist on Centurion Card Requirements, but it is really this:

  • Have a good credit score and history (necessary for Platinum Card Also)
  • Have been an existing American Express Platinum cardholder for a minimum of 1 year
  • Spend $250,000 USD on American Express Personal Cards within a rolling 12-month period


  • The Centurion Card as well as the Platinum Card are no longer “invitation only
  • The Centurion Card has a credit limit based on personal finance profile (assets, spending habits, etc)
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    Black Card History

    The Black Card started out as an urban legend in the early 1980s circa 1984. It was alleged by that American Express handed out a high end ID with unusual privileges. This rumor is corroborated by a Wall Street Journal article written in 1988, despite the fact that American Express continually declined the rumor as true.

    From WSJ: Suppose, for example, on a 3-o’clock-in-the-morning whim, you decided to book a round-the-world trip; American Express would accommodate you with a travel service staffed 24 hours a day. In the market for a red 1965 Ferrari? If you were a black-card holder, American Express would kick tires in the world’s fanciest used-car lots. If you remembered in Singapore that you had left your favorite suit in a Hong Kong penthouse, the company would arrange to fetch it. (full 1988 WSJ Black Card Article Here)

    On October 14, 1999, publicly launched the American Express Centurion Card aka The Black Card, see original press release here. Doug Smith, director of American Express Europe said:”There had been rumors going around that we had this ultra-exclusive black card for elite customers… It wasn’t true, but we decided to capitalize on the idea anyway. So far we’ve had a customer buy a Bentley and another charter a jet.”

    In 2004 in Europe and 2006 in the US the Centurion Card was switched over to Titanium from Plastic.

    In 2006 American Express also raised the eligibility requirement from 150,000 annual spend to 250,000 annual spend.

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    Life Liberty and Pursuit of the Black Card

    Let’s face it, people want it; People have over the years gone to great lengths in attempt to try obtain the card and without success. Because the rules are pretty strict, spend the money (250k) and pay in 12 months ($20,833.33 a month), have good credit and you can get the card, otherwise? Denied.

    There have been stories of people:

    • Complaining to the FDIC (One Investment Banker in CT)
    • Phone calls, letters, and pleas to American Express from Cardmembers that they promise they will “never use it”
    • Setup of a website to build support
    • Pooling family members and friends together in attempts to reach the spending requirements

    There are some that will shrug it off and say $2500 a year, that’s crazy, the fees are too high, I’ll stick with Platinum. An AMEX spokesperson once said, “The card is absolutely not for everyone,” she added “It’s open to a select group for that reason. If you don’t find value in the benefits and services, then it’s probably not right for you.”

    That means, “If you have to ask…”

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    Wall Streets’ Trickle Down To Black Card Spenders

    Peter Robison wrote recently in a Bloomberg article details of how the falling out of Wall Street has resulted in deteriorated local business in New York City.

    Buddha Bar, in New York’s Meatpacking district 20M in revenue in 2007, and now anticipates $12M. Rosa a waitress at Buddha Bar, details the spending decrease.

    It wasn’t uncommon to see someone with a black American Express Co. card ringing up a $30,000 tab, said Tim Gaglio, who helped start the restaurant and bar in 2006.
    The black “Centurion” card, billed as “the world’s rarest,” is available by invitation only, according to the company’s Web site.
    At the peak, Rosa, 30, said she made $85,000 a year working three days a week.
    “You wouldn’t see an empty chair here,” she said, surveying the half-filled lounge last week. As tips fell, Rosa stopped taking frequent trips to Miami, where she ate at the Prime 112 steakhouse on Ocean Drive, and to Puerto Rico, where she stayed at the Palmas del Mar resort.

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    Visa Black Card Now Targeted At Top Third of America?

    According to Visa’s Marketing Team:

    Visa Black Card is focused on providing the highest level of service to each Cardmember. Marketed towards the top 1/3 of America, the Black Card member is one who demands only the best of what life has to offer.”

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    Not All Billionaire Cards Are Black

    salma-hayekTwo weeks ago Gawker reported on actress Salma Hayek’s hacked e-mail account, which revealed details on her personal life. Salma Hayek is currently married to born billionaire François-Henri Pinault. Details of the e-mail revealed included her American Express Gold Card Replacement. Gawker editors even note that it’s not the “Centurion Card.” Having a gold card, does not disqualify or mean that she does not have a Centurion Card, because American Express will let you have both if you want (in the US you will have to pay fees for both cards). Marketing research by American Express Departures Magazine has shown that the Rich & Famous seek out unique life experiences and value in their credit cards. But the real question is, if your Salma Hayek or Chuck Bass, do you really need a Credit Card? Seemingly yes, but any unique experience or value a credit card could offer, would certainly be easier to obtain via your own team of assistants. So although most Billionaires (all 792 of them) don’t fly commercial, but they still need credit time to time.

    According to a Forbes report in March, the list of billionaires, e.g. those with net worth >= $1 billion, is down to 793 people (that’s 30% less than last year).

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    Visa’s New TV Campaign Similar to American Express – My Life My Card

    The Visa Black Card team has a new TV Ad campaign that’s very similar to the American Express Campaign run a few years ago called “My Life, My Card;” The Visa TV Ad spot seeks to identify the various demographics of individuals the card applies to as well as the benefits for those individuals. The difference is, as far as the true Black Card aka Centurion Card is concerned, it’s not advertised American Express (they don’t need to).

    The captions of Visas Commercial are:

    Bryan Iguchi – Pro Snowboarder
    “No blackouts, no restrictions, the rewards program, takes more places”
    Joy Lewis – Physician
    “Limited membership, means a higher level of service”
    Bob Schuster – Attorney
    “My Concierge gets me into the best spots”
    Kim Whitman – Executive Producer
    “I like the look and feel of carbon, it’s unique”

    To Apply for your Visa Black Card Now, visit or call 866-BLACK CARD
    Black Card, The World Awaits

    Remind anyone of these American Express TV Ads?

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    AMEX UK Titanium Pins and Chips

    TimesOnline UK reports on a batch of American Express cards including Centurion (Black Card), as well as Platinum cards that had batch of faulty cards produced in February in the UK (The Centurion Card in the UK runs a £1,800, maybe this will someday become a bargain if the pound continues to decline against the dollar (now 1.4 = 1)). TimesOnline UK reports come from at least one Centurion member Olver Watson:

    Who confesses to being “rather excited” when his card arrived in a small velvet pouch wrapped in several layers of black packaging, says: “I immediately set out to do what most credit card users do: I changed my PIN to a combination that I could remember. Or at least I tried to. I found that not only did the titanium card refuse to allow me to do so, but I could no longer use the card.”

    Although, this must be specific in the UK, I can’t remember many times that I’ve ever used a credit card to get cash, at least, unless in Las Vegas. One nice perk of the Centurion is that they sign you up to withdraw cash direct from your bank account via ATM, bypassing those ever so limiting daily limits many banks place on ATM withdrawls. We’ve also heard of users nervous to put their cards in the old-style ATM machines that suck in the card, and heard in some cases of credit card readers of this type getting jammed by the Black Card. Titanium isn’t perfect, at least not in the world designed for plastic.

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    Centurion Card Canada Benefits

      1. Takes personal service to new heights, strives to provide you with access like you’ve never experienced before and unparalleled privileges in abundance.
      2. As a Centurion member, you’ll find that just one phone calll will summon the connections and expertise of service professionals, Seek, and Centurion Service will do their utmost to find.
      3. Centurion Concierge can help source and secure whatever it is you seek.
      4. As a Centurion member you have access to professional assistance every minute of the day, every day of the year. Our team of consultants are available to assist you with any request.
      5. Centurion travel from Amex Canada Inc.
      6. Centurion website: Visit the exclusive Centurion Website to stay up to date. It gives you access to the very latest Centurion privileges, service and unique offers, whenever you need them.
      7. Centurion Travel can exert its influence on your behalf – securing your arrangements whenever possible even when a property is otherwise fully booked.
      8 Complimentary access to airport lounges around the world, including complimentary Air Canada Maple Leaf Club Worldwide, which opens the doors to more than 235 lounges around the world including all Star Alliance member airline business lounges. Centurion membership also entitles you to access American Airlines Admirals Clubs, Continental Airlines Presidents Club, Delta Crown Room Club, Northwest Airlines, Servisair Executive, Plaza Premium, and also give you complimentary access to Priority Pass Lounges opening doors to over 450 airport lounges worldwide.
      9. Hotel Privileges, complimentary room upgrade at check-in, complimentary continental breakfast and additioanl special amenities at over 600 of the worlds most glorious properties in exquisite locations. Including Raffles Hotels and Resorts, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Mandarin Oriental to name just a few. Also gives room upgrade at reservation to more than 440 boutique hotels around the world.
      Centurion members receive complimentary Elite Statu memberships such as Fairmont Presidents Club Platinum , Starwood Preferred Gold, Hilton HHonours, Relais and Chateaux and Club 5C, and InterContintal Hotels Group.
      10. As a centurion member you can take advantage of the International Airline Program, that offers you complimentary companion tickets, complimentary upgrades, special class fares, or discounted fares on some of the worlds finest airlines to destinations around the world. Airlines include Air Canada, Air France, and Continental to name a few. Private Jet Services can be arranged.
      11. Cruise Privileges, Access premium benefits such as onboard privileges and shipboard credits on some of the worlds best cruise liners such as Silversea Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises and more.
      12. Complimentary Avis President Club and Hertz #1 Club Gold Membership, and Elite Rent a Car benfefits.
      13. Centurion Concierge can help secure tickets to shows you want, the Centurion network has been known to help create once in a lifetime opportunities for some of the worlds biggest fans to actually meet some of the worlds biggest bands.
      13. Centurion Dining, There tables reserved every day for Cardmembers for many of the finest restaurants across the country.
      14. Shop VIP, your enjoy special shopping privileges at some of the finest retails spots around the world and right here in Canada. These benefits may include personal shopping services, extended shopping hours, complimentary alterations, gift wrapping, and much more, partners include Harry Rosen, Saks Fifth Avenue and many more.
      15. As a Centurion member you’ll be invited to our most exclusive events, from evenings with celebrated figures, luxury retails, or sporting events.
      16. A special rewards offering, for redeeming your points from the most lavish to the most everyday rewards. Redeem your points for an exceptional selection of travel and lifestyle rewards.
      17. You earn 1.25 membership points for every dollar you charge to your Card. Your automatically enrolled in this top Tier of the membership rewards program, gives you access to our entire catalogue of rewards including an array of prmium brands and experiences.
      18. Travel Insurance Benefits.
      19. Retail Protection, that extended warranties, and coverage for damaged and stolen purchases.
      20. Emergency Assistance, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

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    Graphite Platinum AMEX Implies “Switch and Bait” by Visa

    Artist Adam McEwen recently created two sculptures for his exhibit “Switch and Bait” in New York, both sculptures were made from “machined graphite.” Graphite, like its allotrope diamond, is a form of carbon. One of his two exhibits is an American Express Platinum Card created from Graphite. Art is in the eye of the beholder, but to us it seems that he is implying that the Visa Black Card is pulling a “Switch and Bait” and ripping off American Express Platinum Card (which the Visa Black Card more accurately compares to).

    adammcewenswitchandbait1_amex_platinum_graphiteIf you’re in NY, exhibit is held @

    Switch and Bait
    Through 18 April 2009
    Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery
    520 West 20th Street
    Chelsea, New York City map
    tel. +1 212 243 3335

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    Visa Black Card Rolex Giveway (2009)

    Rolex LogoA few of our readers that have the Visa Black Card just let us know that the received a monthly newsletter stating that there will be a Black Card 2009 Rolex Giveaway. The letter states that card members are automatically entered in a drawing to win, and one card member will be selected at random on December 31, 2009 and will receive a $10,000 Rolex gift card that is redeemable at an authorized Rolex dealer. Primary account holders in good standing are eligible for the drawing.

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    AMEX Credit Card Was Originally Purple Paper Not Black Titanium

    American Express 1958 Original Card Purple PaperPaper, Plastic, Titanium, and Carbon Graphite?

    Credit cards had existed prior to American Express, namely Diners Club (which was actually a paper or cardboard card that was in circulation).

    The first AMEX credit card was actually introduced October 1, 1958 – American Express introduced travel-and-entertainment charge card (The original card was actually paper printed with purple ink to resemble Travelers Cheques)

    The first plastic American Express appeared in the early 1960s, while their adoption had become increased as vendors found traditional AMEX booklets too difficult to manage. It was because of this that well received the new plastic cards, which used charge plate machines, thereby making transaction and record keeping easier and less error prone.

    American Express AMEX First Plastic Card from 1960s

    Plastic cards became dominant and remained the main player, however, it was not until 1966 that the common credit card came to, when Bank of America established BankAmerica Service Corporation to franchise the BankAmericard which then became known as “Visa“, still not black). Mastercard, originally Mastercharge, came to be in 1966 in addition, where both Visa and Mastercard credit cards were open-loop (inter-bank), and American Express was closed-loop (intrabank).

    American Express took the lead again in 2004 in some parts of Europe, and in 2006 in the United States by changing their elusive BLACK CARD (formally known as the Centurion Card), to a hand crafted titanium card to replace it’s plastic ancestor. Times as changed, this isn’t your grandfather’s “purple cardboard,” although American Express Charter Members (Members since 1958) do get some special privileges.

    American Express Centurion Card2008 of course brought the “Visa Black Card“, made from Carbon Fiber. The Wikipedia editors, however, did neglect to include credit cards in applications of carbon fiber (we’re kidding): “The properties of carbon fiber such as high tensile strength, low weight, and low thermal expansion make it very popular in aerospace, civil engineering, military, and motorsports, along with other competition sports.”

    We’ll stick with black hand hammered titanium for now, someone update Wikipedia.

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