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Centurion Card Holder Demographics (Pan European)

Median Age = 49
Average Household Income = $427,200 (based on 1.47 exchange rate 12/12/07)
Company Owner 63%
Plans in the next 12 months to:
Average spend on watches = $13,994
Average spend on fine jewelry = $14,597
Average spend on men’s fashion and accessories = $14,039
Average spend on women’s fashion and accessories = $16,052

Number of Cardholders based on Centurion Magazine Circulation (cardholders are automatically subscribed)
United Kingdom = 18,500
Germany = 10,500
France = 1,500
Italy, Sweden, Spain, The Netherlands = 4500
Switzerland = 2,800
Israel = 800
Turkey, Russia, Monaco, Greece, Cyprus, Middle East = 5,200
Middle East = 500
Saudi Arabia = 1,000


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Centurion Card Holder Demographics (Pan Asia)

Based on the demographics for the Centurion Magazine subscribers, we can see a bit more on card holders in Pan Asia.


Card Members = 14,800

Male/Female = 37%/63%

Average Age = 42

Average Gross Household Income = $537,000

Company Owner = 49%

Managing Director, Board Member = 32%


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U.K. AMEX Survey shows Value for Money #1

One of the top trends in the high-end is experience which includes cars, boats, planes, homes, travel, dining, learning.


A recent study by American Express U.K. found that their Centurion card holders seek vacations with “value for money” first and secondly seek “self-fulfillment and learning”. Traveling for dinner? 85% of the surveyed responded in planning international travel specifically for a meal. There, however, is little requirement for this, as more than 3/4 of cardholders plan to hire a personal chef in the future.

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