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Coutts & Co.’s World Card

Coutts & Co (bank to the queen, and part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group) offers a credit card to it’s private clients that itself is rarer than the black card. There are only about 100 people in the world that have been invited, including Queen Elizabeth II. The World Card is only offered to Coutts clients, and it’s members prospective clients have millions in assets.


The bank to the queen, now a part of Royal Bank of Scotland Group, has arguably the most prestigious card of all. World Card is offered only to Coutts clients, and you have to have millions to qualify for that status to begin with. Aside from all the typical travel upgrades and luxury services, the card comes in handy when you need to go shopping at your favorite department store in the middle of the night. A quick call to a World Card service representative will arrange a private after-hours shopping session anywhere your little heart desires.


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