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Royal Pains TV Pilot – Black Cards in the Hamptons

I was out in the Hamptons this past weekend and saw the van for Royal Pains out and about. If you haven’t seen it already USA has a new series that starts this Thursday at 10PM EST titled Royal Pains. Royal Pains is about a doctor “Hank Lawson” (played by Marc Feuerstein) who was fired from his position and against his judgment becomes a “concierge doctor” for the rich.

In the show pilot, the writers wasted no time on black card references, the son of the heir to family that invented the blender (Tucker Bryant) wrecks his Dad’s Ferrari and is injured. After some emergency care, Tucker needs transport to a hospital, “[Tucker Bryant] The Hamptons heritage no way man, Dad calls it the local cemetery. [Hank Lawson] What would your Dad suggest we do? [Tucker Bryant] Go into my wallet and get the little black card that says American Express on it.” Tucker is then taken by helicopter to Mount Sinai in Manhattan. You can watch the full pilot for Royal Pains on Hulu

Royal Pains Emergency Tucker Bryant Black Card

5 Responses to “Royal Pains TV Pilot – Black Cards in the Hamptons”

  1. Joseph says:

    It’s like after all this time the media and the various entertainment outlets are still trying to educate people on -what- the Black AMEX is.

    After all this time people barely know about it, as if it remains an “underground,” elite subculture card even though we have the Internet and media/entertainment that are based on Internet research.

  2. Hamptons Resident says:

    FYI, that is not the “van for Royal Pains.” It’s actually a taxi advertising the show.

  3. that’s funny i saw that van in nyc before. Haha

  4. john marlin says:

    If another card could get a primtime TV show like this….it would easily create appeal and lead to some market share

    stratus rewards should make an investment and get on a show like this


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