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Life Liberty and Pursuit of the Black Card

Let’s face it, people want it; People have over the years gone to great lengths in attempt to try obtain the card and without success. Because the rules are pretty strict, spend the money (250k) and pay in 12 months ($20,833.33 a month), have good credit and you can get the card, otherwise? Denied.

There have been stories of people:

  • Complaining to the FDIC (One Investment Banker in CT)
  • Phone calls, letters, and pleas to American Express from Cardmembers that they promise they will “never use it”
  • Setup of a website to build support
  • Pooling family members and friends together in attempts to reach the spending requirements

There are some that will shrug it off and say $2500 a year, that’s crazy, the fees are too high, I’ll stick with Platinum. An AMEX spokesperson once said, “The card is absolutely not for everyone,” she added “It’s open to a select group for that reason. If you don’t find value in the benefits and services, then it’s probably not right for you.”

That means, “If you have to ask…”

2 Responses to “Life Liberty and Pursuit of the Black Card”

  1. john marlin says:

    Good article. I definitely think the Black card is ready to have some market share stolen away. SMDI should definitely benefit from their strategic placement in the exclusive credit card market. As they learn and better cater the rewards their market, it will be easy to expand the membership of this card. I’m looking into buying some SMDI in the next few weeks.


  1. Thank you……

    Very creative,I like it….

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