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Visa Infinite Black Card (RBC Royal Bank)

Last year Visa launched the RBC Royal Bank in Canada in 2008 by Invitation only. This card was launched prior to the other ultra exclusive Canadian Black Card, American Express’ Centurion Card launched in December 2008.

Visa Infinite Black Card RBC Royal Bank

The RBC Royal Bank Visa Infinite Black Card is:

*Invitation only
*1 Million CAD in Liquid Assets, Net Worth of 3 Million CAD or >.
* 250,000 or more Annual Income.
* Annual Fees $399 per year for Private Banking clients, $599 for non-Private Banking clients.
* RBC Rewards redemption rate of 2% instead of 1% for all travel rewards, all flight classes (no blackout periods or seat restrictions)
* Visa Infinite Concierge Service (Virtuoso)
* Complimentary Priority Pass membership (the $99 annual fee version)
* Complimentary TabletPlus membership (usual fee $195)
* Complimentary access to Zagat® restaurant ratings and reviews
* Dedicated customer support number for Visa Infinite clients only.
* Extensive travel insurance coverage and emergency assistance
* Minimum $20,000 credit limit”

12 Responses to “Visa Infinite Black Card (RBC Royal Bank)”

  1. Silvana DiCenzo says:

    would like to apply for this card – I have reviewed the above requirements and meet them.

  2. John Fullerton says:

    Visa Black is a rip off. You are better of with the AMEX Platinum.

  3. jayjay says:

    RBC infinite ” Private Banking ” Visa is more exclusive than the Amex Platinum , also the requirement to qualify for this Visa is lot higher than the Amex Platinum . I had Amex Platinum for 3 years , I charge several hundred thousand dollars a year on my card , unfortunately not all the merchant accept Amex , so i decided to switch to RBC Private Banking Infinite Black Visa .
    Bottom line …..if you charge at least $100,000 plus on the cards ..see RBC bank manager and he can request Invitation only visa for you ..Mind you the fee is $600 a year …

  4. Gareth says:

    I have the black amex centurion card, which although the requirements are higher than the visa, is by far more superior, people appreciate the amex over the visa, its more recognized as an elite card, stores are more awed and the benefits from amex are vaster

  5. you have brought up a very great points , appreciate it for the post.

  6. Ryan says:

    Banks are the worst. This card, giving more to those that make/spend more is a sign of everything that is wrong with this world. If you look at the way that any Bank advertises, the safety in every image and ad, it makes you want to scream. The message – we love everyone, as long as they spend money with us.

  7. Fred Bauer says:

    I am a RBC wealth management customer with a Gold Visa card. I never received an invitation to switch to a black Visa card.

    Fred Bauer

  8. D says:

    You blow hards. “I’ve got the Amex Black” “I’ve got the Visa infinite Black” Take your hands off your dicks and stop pretending you’re all that. Plastic is plastic it’s only those who have small dicks need the card to prop them up!!!

  9. Yet you need to have both cards ! Smwhay telling don’t you think given your train of thought !

  10. bert says:

    william michaels, you dont understand quotation marks?


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