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Visa Black Card Demographics – Is the Card all Marketing Hype?

For Visa Black Card, it may all be hype and marketing science (as it can now be seen in ads in Robb Report, Snow Magazine, etc), but some sample stats we’ve collected so far it appears Barclay’s is at least successful in attracting the higher end customers (although, time will tell as this card itself may not be all that exclusive, as it’s allegedly only a “Visa Platinum Plus” which is below the Visa line of Signature Cards: ). All the charm of luxury may come in the from of the British accent featured in Barclay’s TV Commercials .

Here’s some of the data we have seen of that exclusive “1%” cardholder profile:

  • 31 year old male, income approx $175,000 3 credit scores average 765, approved for Visa Black Card with 25,000 limit, alternate cards: Chase Freedom Visa Signature Limit = $50,000.
  • 28 year old male, income approx $300,000 3 credit score average 740, approved for Visa Black Card with 20,000 limit, alternate cards: American Express Centurion Card.
  • “Schiffy”income approx $10,000, credit score average 598, approved for Visa Black Card with unknown limit.
  • “Dave” income approx $170,000, credit scores above 765, approved for Visa Black Card with unknown limit.
  • “Pashok” MBA with 6 figure income, credit scores 765, approved for Visa Black Card with unknown limit.

If you Apply for the Visa Black Card and are accepted, please feel free to update us with your stats to include in the profile!

43 Responses to “Visa Black Card Demographics – Is the Card all Marketing Hype?”

  1. Mitesh says:

    The highest offering Visa card is the Visa Infinite.

  2. Doneh says:

    It’s a Platinum Plus card – which they give as a “consolation” when you get turned down for VISA Signature.

    The only people who consider it “exclusive” is advertisers (barclays) themselves. VISA USA does not recognize this for any premium services or insurance.

    The “lounge access” is lower than what you get with Merrill+ and other BoA Visa cards, which are free (not $500 like they make the suckers pay).
    The “special insurance” is what VISA offers their free cardholders anyway – nothing special for the “black” card.
    “VIPDesk” concierge is also the “low-level” free service that all the free VISA and MasterCards get.
    You don’t even get “Virtuoso” (which is Signature only), not to mention “Circles” (which is Amex).

  3. Mike says:


    Sounds like another hater who cant qualify for the card,

    Its not what it offers, its a elite club who has one and who doesnt, I am sure the terms will change in time as they build the customer base,

    Again this card is all about elite, Who can get it and who cant, You are paying to have something unique that nobody else does,

    • Ultimate Elite says:


      People like Doneh just dont get how the truly elite roll,

      like me and my main man Mike

      who communicate in sentence fragments with Random capitalization, and,
      also we place the commas at random too, and do not use periods at all

      Because proper knowing how to write a proper sentence, That is for haters and losers, Who are not elite likes us,

      If young person you are, Take this Tip, drop out of middle school like Me and My Main Man Mike did

      We don’t know how write

      And it don’t hurt us none,

      Being able to competently use the English language,

      That’s just another way to give in to the Man,

      Look, we got a Black Card, bitch โ€“ we better than you,

      You complete sentence writing fool,

  4. Doneh says:


    I “qualify”, along with 3 million others – but will not pay $500 for something which Visa gives everyone else for free.

    If you have a 598 credit score and $15,000 annual salary – you “qualify” for the card. It’s not exclusive. See the author of this blog, and the demographics, as well as the comments from the people who received the card and feel duped. Many have requested refunds, and Barclay’s has begun issuing refunds if you cancel immediately after receiving the card.

    There’s no “elite” other than the millions spent on advertising. Maybe you are unclear – it is a lower-tier Visa card, which is simply called “black card” and marketed by a delaware bank. Visa USA does not agree to provide their higher benefits for these cardholders, as they do not meet qualifications for Signature status.

    If you want “elite”, get an Amex black for $2500 like the rest of us. Otherwise, if spending $500 to be told that you are “one of only 3 million” makes you feel good, then have fun.

  5. Michael says:

    When you apply for the Visa Black Card online, do you get accepted instantly or do you get the answer by mail?

  6. Doneh says:

    You get a free pen – they’re trying to give you gifts, like Publishers’ Clearing House, to get more people to sign up.

    And they now have a new policy (which has been confirmed by other users on this site as well) that when you receive the card and realise that the fee does not justify your card, as long as you call before the first billing statement is sent out – you can cancel and request a refund of the fees.

    Supposedly this was done in response to the complaints from people who signed up and didn’t understand that:
    a) the card was not actually metal,
    b) nor did it offer “special” benefits that other cards did not have,
    c) nor did VISA USA recognize the card for its premium insurances and benefits,
    d) and that you didn’t need to be “special” to apply for the card.

  7. Danny says:

    does the word “elite” automatically imply importance that doesn’t already exist? do we expect a card to give us a better impression?
    I wonder honestly because I have carried an AMEX Platinum card for quite some time and it has actually helped me with very good hotel rooms in NYC during the busiest times of the year and a good table at a good restaurant for a last-minute business dinner. In short, I have found the money paid to be worth it from the concierge perspective.
    but how much more can you get? seems to me this kind of a site does us all a great service by making these comparisons. thanks!
    I found it by accident after responding to a WSJ ad for the Visa black card.

  8. Anon says:

    credit score 607 income 45000 approved for 5k.

  9. Mike says:

    Credit Score around 700 and yearly income of over 2 million approved for a whopping 14.5k credit limit. This card is all hype.

    The concierge services were so un helpful I just called the hotel and airline myself. I get payments to the card put on hold, so my money (pulled directly from my BoA savings account) is in limbo for 10 days.

    This card is ALL hype. I could share more but it just pisses me off more writing about it.

    • Kim says:

      The Visa Black Card is a sham! After 6 months, we received a notice saying they were raising our percentage rate to 29% because of a late payment. I had NEVER paid a payment late, so called to inquire. They went over my payment history with me, pointing out that I had actually paid a $3,000 payment 2 days earlier than the billing cycle. I explained to a supervisor that I did that because we were going to be out of the country for 2 weeks and didn’t want to actually have a late payment, and her response was, verbatim, “Sorry, there’s nothing I can do for you at this time. You should have made better note of when the billing cycle starts and ends.” I cancelled my card on the spot. As a side note, I had paid over $6,000 that month, and this is the treatment you get. Waste of time!!!

  10. Darryl says:

    Just wanted to comment. I received the Black Card Offer today.

    Why would I ever do this?

    The best card out there, for those who pay their bill in full every month, is the Charles Schwab Visa Signature.

    2% cash back on EVERYTHING, no limits. Really.

    Black card? I don’t think so…

  11. John Pham says:

    Clever marketing, but nothing else. This card doesn’t even come close to the AMEX Centurion (Black) card. The benefits are more comparable to the AMEX Platinum card.

    I’ll still with AMEX, at least the requirements and fees match the rewards.

  12. Approved says:

    I was approved

    24, ~100,000 inc, 798 FICO

  13. DanTe says:

    I had thought Visa Signature was the top Visa card. I am wrong. It’s the Visa Stratus Rewards card. No commercial flight upgrades though. But that’s because a Stratus client only flies chartered.

    This “Black Card” is a hoot. I have seen a few low level hustlers receive this “exclusive” invite already. I just play along and say the only cards I have is the Visa Signature and a make believe black card called Bank of American AmEx Accolades ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Although I must admit, I only see it in the sales area. I haven’t seen the invites popping up in the mailroom … yet.

  14. Ashok says:

    Amex black or Centurion is not $2500.00 it is $7500.00 after the invitation fee. In addition you have to have spent $250,000 in one calender year with another lower level American Express Card. Thus, the the Centurion card is out of most peoples reach as the last time I checked most Americans do not even earn $75,000 a year. The Visa Black card was aimed at the demographic which does not quite spend 250k per anum but, spends in the range of 50k plus or minus. It is going after the American Express Platinum market. Or as an add on to the Centurion card holder. As not every merchant takes Amex. They charge them 3-4% where as Visa/Mastercard charges 1.9%. THe Black Card still requires a $450.00 fee. So who ever gets the card regardless of credit can afford it.

  15. Andy says:

    To comment on the people above that have qualified: If you earn $300,000 p.a., there is no way in hell that you can be approved for an AMEX Centurion. This should quest the “results” above.

  16. Average says:

    Some interesting info about an Amex black card holder here:

    Also, I know someone who has a black amex and allows his friends to have a card. I couldn’t afford the fees, but I’d refer the info to anyone interested, email me at icurme at gmail .com if interested

  17. ben says:

    I am 32 year old and I make $80k a month. I got approved for the visa black card with a $50k credit limit. I can use this card where some retailers or restaurant don’t accept my AMEX black card. I also have the Visa signature card. I think the Visa black card is better than the Visa signature card. Better service and gifts.

    Yup… I am rich and I love the stutus. So whipping out and swiping my black cards make me feel good. Especially when I drive off in one of my exotic cars. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Zachary says:

      I know how you feel… I have both the AMEX Centurion and the VISA Black and Im only 15… (im additional…)

  18. Allen says:

    Iโ€™ve had this card but I recently cancelled it. The service desk is terrible. I have tried to get into to several airport lounges with this card but was rejected as they donโ€™t recognize this benefit and worse, they have never heard of the BlackCard. I am a frequent international traveller and never had to pay currency conversion fees on any of my credit cards but Blackcard will charge a 3% currency conversion fee.

    This card is a lot of hype and not worth your $495 fee. Stay away!

  19. Patrick says:

    Just got my card today, 11/09/2009. Only a 7k credit limit. I have double that on free cards. Granted I am not “rich” by Centurion standards (I could be a servant though). I make roughly 90k a year, maybe an 824 credit score (checked in 2008). Still for $495? They informed me as I cancelled immediately, it’s an AUTOMATED process, no one manually investigates credit worth or where you really should rate. The Customer service person said “well, we can fix it” but the damage was done. If they want $495 then they better prepare themselves better. Poor answer, and nothing that made me want to spend $495 for.

  20. Dan says:

    I was approved.

    24, 1.2m/yr gross business income, payroll myself $200k/yr. 747, 759, 770 credit scores.

  21. rebecca says:

    Hey, I’m a reporter. I’m trying to get in touch with people who were approved for the Visa Black Card. Please email me at Or call at 917 470 0699.


  22. Paul says:

    VISA black is a joke. It is a marketing scam to suck people into paying $500 for a “pretty black plastic card”. That’s the only thing pretty about it. The conceirge services are worthless and they charge for Priority Pass. Save yourself some cash – apply for a B of A Accolades card for half the price.

  23. Ben says:

    I am 32 years old. I received my visa black card with a $100k credit limit. My income is $500k plus a year with my credit scores above 750. The Visa Black Card is great because my AMEX can’t be use everywhere so I use my Visa Black. A lot of people on here are just a bunch of haters who wish they had either of the black card. Stop saying you have the AMEX black card because in reality you guys don’t have it. It is good to be dreamers

    • Zachary says:

      Excuse me, but many of us do have Amex black cards…. and stop saying how great visa black card is because it is horrible… It has the thickness of a carbon card, without the benefits… ITS HORRIBLE.. DONT GET IT….

    • Brad says:

      Well Ben,

      From my point of view you do NOT qualify for the American Express Centurion Card.

      To be considered you must have the following:

      1. A FICO of 750 plus
      2. A PREFERRED income of $750K plus a year
      3. You must OWN at least one personal property (With NO Loans)

      The final decision comes down to how “wealthy” you truly are. AMEX looks at how many property(s) you own, what kind of cars your drive, what clubs you belong too, how much you travel on a yearly basis, and most importantly they want to see a Seven Figure checking account.

      The more handsome your Net Worth, and the more “Toys” you have gets you the Centurion Card; NOT some “Six or Seven Figure Income” or “700 Club Credit Score”

      Quite frankly your story puzzles me. Who are you trying to impress?

  24. david says:

    34. 100k. fico=?? just got a visa black card yesterday and i didnt even ask for it. they just sent it to me..

  25. Jon says:

    I am a 24 year old dental student and I was ‘pre approved’ for the visa black card. I don’t know my credit score, but I have about $50,000 in school loans and I made 11$ last year income (from interest). I charge maybe 10,000 a year to my credit card. So yeah…its really not that elite.

  26. Ron says:

    I’d say the kind of people that they want to attract to this card in their marketing are exactly the kind of people that post here saying they have one; People that want everyone else to know how much money they have, what kind of car they drive, where they live, etc. Basically, people that put a high value on what other people think of them. The marketing of this card is working beautifully. If you tell people something is “Limited” or “Exclusive” people will buy into it. It is psychology 101.

  27. Lola says:

    Approved with credit score over 700, income $200k. I like the card, but I LOVE the gifts i.e. Ray-bans, Pens etc.

  28. Todd Wood says:

    I was at Whole Foods checking out the other day and the lady in front of me paid with her Visa Black Card – and made a big deal out of it, mentioning that it was the Visa Black Card to the cashier – who sort of gave her that “so what” kind of stare. I smiled slightly and paid for my groceries with my regular visa card [platinum, I think]. It has a credit line of over 45K – I have no idea why, but it’s good to know if I suddenly need to buy a new car I can do it. The interest rate is low, and the annual fee is zero. I’m in business for myself and pay myself as much as I need when I need it. I have no idea what my credit score is. I don’t have the need to try to impress people with how much I make [or how much I donate to charity]; just living an honest life. Which I guess puts me in an elite class of my own.

  29. John says:

    23yr old student 10-14k per year 740 credit score and approved for unknown limit.

  30. Brad says:

    My names Brad i’m 40 I have a 790 Credit Score I make about 4.1 million a year and I get stuck with a 35k limit!?
    My wife and two daughters spend about 100k on cloths in a month, what’s the use of having such an “elite” card when it has a limit!?

    Im going to get American Express Centurion Card and when I do I’m dropping the all exclusive “Visa Black Card”.

    Do not take this the wrong way but,
    The Visa Black Card is the poor mans Centurion Card!

    • Stix says:

      What a D-Bag thing to say!

      • Brian H says:

        Yeah he makes 4.1m and buys his wife and kids 100k in “cloths” a month. In reality he makes 41k a year and cleans my toilets.

        • SuperBad Ninja says:

          Well maybe he does buy his wife and daughters 100k in cloths so they can make their own clothes? OR since he makes 4.1 million a year he probably has his own little sweat shop in his basement and his wife and two daughters are the ones that make his clothes and that’s how he stays rich?

          Douche bag wanna be baller!
          Brad FIRST in order to get a Centurion Card you need to already have an Amex charge card. So your poor mans Centurion Card is probably as far as you can get.

  31. Zach says:

    I am 21, 3.15 million salary with 530k income, 750 credit score avg. Approved for visa Black with $102,500 limit, also AmEx centurion and JP Morgan Palladium Card.

  32. Simon Lee says:

    Its a scam, I got it and they have the worst customer service ever, you pay to be treat like this? Honestly stay away, they offer the same service as many you which you don’t have to pay for, they are terrible. I lost my card, called the next day a month later still no replacement card, so basically I paid $45 a month and don;t actually have a card to show for it. I tried to complain and the women said “well I will send yo a new one” “Well what about a refund” “I will send you a new one” “yes but I don’t have a card and you are charging me for it” “I will send you a new one”. A scam please stay away, If you don’t want your $495 go donate it or something


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