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Visa Black Card: Initiation Gift – Cross Tech3, 3-in-1 writing tool

One of our readers has recently submitted these photos on a gift they received with their new Visa Black Card. We are assuming that this is just the initation gift, and that users that spend more over time will get more “luxurious gifts” as part of the $495/year membership.

Here is the letter that was included:

Dear Black Card Member:

Congratulations on becoming a Visa Black Card member. Black Card and Cross have teamed together to bring you a welcoming gift of the unique Cross Tech3, a 3-in-1 writing tool that allows you to switch from black ink to red ink to pencil with a simple twist.

Like Black Card, Cross stands for the highest levels of quality and service: each of our writing instruments is backed by a lifetime mechanical guarantee and reflects the commitment to superior craftsmanship first made by Richard Cross in 1846. I trust you will enjoy the benefits of your new Visa Black Card as well as the pleasure of writing with your new Cross pen.


Chad Mellen

President, Cross Accessory Division

visa black card cross pen gift

visa black card cross pen letter

2 Responses to “Visa Black Card: Initiation Gift – Cross Tech3, 3-in-1 writing tool”

  1. BC Supporter says:

    I too received this “luxury gift” this week. However, I just search for this pen, and it turns out that Visa Black spent a whopping $24.88 on all of us. Here’s the link:

    I truly hope things will get better, or I will be canceling my card this time next year, since thus far, it has proven to be a colossal waste of money, when compared to my AMEX Platinum card.


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