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MasterCard World Elite

MasterCard World EliteThe World Elite MasterCard is MasterCard’s highest card offering, providing travel benefits, reservation programs, special rewrads programs, Concierge, etc. World Elite cardholders get access to Virtuoso travel consultant services, including special upgrades, amenities, and rare travel experiences provided through the Virtuoso international luxury travel network. Cardholders also have access to a concierge service that provides personalized recommendations, help with reservations with dining, travel, entertainment, and other services on a 24/7/365 basis. The World Elite MasterCard program holds table at restaurants, tickets at sporting events, special shopping access, as well as tailored spa/salon experiences. Finally as with any card, the World Elite MasterCard provides access to savings and goods with retail, dining, and personal care services.

4 Responses to “MasterCard World Elite”

  1. aquablog says:

    Hm… I look it card, and I think, – it is ideal design!!! Very beautiful!!! I like it!!!

    Sorry for my English… I am from Russia…

  2. Dustin says:

    I have had this card for some time now and am very disappointed. The customer service is terrible. I tried to use my business class upgrade benefit on Lufthansa and they said they didn’t know what it was and couldn’t help me. Also, Barclaycard US told me they refuse to roll out EMV technology on this card, which makes it next to useless in Europe. I would avoid this card as it gives you nothing but bad service and travel headaches.

    • Ed says:

      What is EMV technology?

    • Maxtor says:

      sorry to hear you had such bad luck with this bank as I have never had a single issue with customer service or the use of the card/benefits. This has actually been one of my more reliable cards that has never, for me at least, had an issue. This card has been tremendously less hassle then a few of my other more exclusive accounts. Well, I guess I could complain about being put on hold for a whole 3 minutes at one point, but this issue had more to do with my demands rather than theirs. Just as a side note, i’m not sure who you spoke with from Barclaycard in the US, but it sounds like you just have all the luck dealing with these lenders or just gave up on them too soon. I finally broke down and updated my Barclaycards earlier this year, that they have repeatedly hounded me to do since October of last year at the very least. I did the upgrade this past June, and they issued my updated card equipped with an EMV chip as well as the usual magnetic strip and PIN capabilities so it is easily sued at unmanned terminals. I remember this update vividly as I double checked to make sure it wasn’t a quality control update just to force me to use an outdated RFID security chip technology, as they have used in the past. I have never allowed this RFID chip update to be forced upon me, by any lender, for their corporate reasons rather than my security in mind. RFID credit card security is an antiquated technology, easily stolen or hacked, and completely inadequate for my security needs. So yes i know for sure they are at least using EMV chips at this point not RFID chips. Hope this was helpful.


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