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Kate Moss and the Black AMEX

So, let’s say you’re a British supermodel and you have been featured on over 300 magazine covers. Let’s also say you made over $13 million USD in one year and landed second on the Forbes list of richest supermodels. Then we could claim, just for the sake of argument, that your name is Kate Moss.

Like most supermodels, Kate probably doesn’t eat very much food in order to have a competitive edge in the modeling business. Well, since smoking cigarettes is a bit on the outs socially, we have to find a better appetite suppressant to maintain that supermodel anorexic skinniness. Wait a second. Okay, got it. Cocaine! Snow, blow, yayo, whatever you want to call it, this white powder will suppress the appetite of any supermodel while simultaneously giving their self-esteem a bit of a temporary boost.

What’s that you say? Kate Moss has a Black AMEX card in addition to a cocaine habit? Yes, it’s true! Well, now that makes perfect sense. What better to contrast with white lines of powder than a black credit card made from titanium? You can rest assured that the Black AMEX is not only a very practical tool in preparing cocaine for snorting, but it’s probably the classiest way to do so. Of course, American Express would never condone such practices or admit that celebrities would engage in such wrongful Black Card use!

American Express: My Life. My Card. My Coke.

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  1. bob says:

    not to mention that the Amex Cention comes with laminar edges…what’s that for 😉 ????


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