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American Express Sues Courtney Love for $352k

Courtney Love Black C ard LawsuitNo wonder why she was so salty about Kathleen Hanna (Julie Ruin) and Adam Horowitz’s AMEX Black Card!

American Express filed a lawsuit Wednesday in Los Angeles alleging that Courtney owes $352,059.67 that includes unpaid balances ($279,079.68 on a Centurion Card, $69,245.56 on a Gold Card and $3,734.43 on a Platinum Card), attorney fees, and late charges. American Express suspended her charging privileges after she both failed and refuse to make payments.

Courtney Love’s publicist had no information as of Wednesday regarding the suit, but had left a message for Love’s attorney. Courtney was also sued for libel in February for comments she made regarding a fashion designer on Twitter; And just last year Courtney was sued for one million by an advisory firm seeking it’s share of proceeds from sale of Nirvana’s publishing catalog.

Myspace and Twitter, Courtney Love is definitely in touch with the times, even at the age of 44.

2 Responses to “American Express Sues Courtney Love for $352k”

  1. Black Spender says:

    I racked my Centurion card and Amex platinum to 150K before they cut me off. Couldnt pay them gone broke, also rtacked up 700K on my other cards. It was a nice experience at the time and a bit of pay back for all the interest they charged me over the decades. Thats what happens when you get divorced ! I’ve written it off and don’t care. They used to send debt collectors around for a while but even they got fed up after they realised I had no intention of paying back a dime.

  2. Johnny says:

    Black Spender your nothing but a joke..I have lived on the Costa Del Sol for over 22 years and have seen people like you come and go. Your whole life started as it finished, from the day you took that card..You are like many here. The locals call you dreamers.try and work for a living and leave the scams to the fools.

    Yours faithfully…Johnny hollywood.


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