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Visa’s New TV Campaign Similar to American Express – My Life My Card

The Visa Black Card team has a new TV Ad campaign that’s very similar to the American Express Campaign run a few years ago called “My Life, My Card;” The Visa TV Ad spot seeks to identify the various demographics of individuals the card applies to as well as the benefits for those individuals. The difference is, as far as the true Black Card aka Centurion Card is concerned, it’s not advertised American Express (they don’t need to).

The captions of Visas Commercial are:

Bryan Iguchi – Pro Snowboarder
“No blackouts, no restrictions, the rewards program, takes more places”
Joy Lewis – Physician
“Limited membership, means a higher level of service”
Bob Schuster – Attorney
“My Concierge gets me into the best spots”
Kim Whitman – Executive Producer
“I like the look and feel of carbon, it’s unique”

To Apply for your Visa Black Card Now, visit or call 866-BLACK CARD
Black Card, The World Awaits

Remind anyone of these American Express TV Ads?

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